Does Scoops sell ice cream wholesale? You bet ya!

Did you know that you can sell Scoops Ice Cream in your location?? Let’s not make this complicated. Call 920-464-1310 to let us know where we need to deliver and presto. Scoops Ice Cream in your store and your customers will love you even more. And we are open ALL YEAR LONG.

Check out or Sweet 16 flavors to start with.  You can also bring the seasonals flavors!

  • All flavors come in 2.5 gallon boxes or 2.5 gallon plastic buckets (with a $1 refund for returns) of premium deliciousness!

  • Each container will serve just about 50, 5oz servings. Yum!! More please.

  •  We make all your ice cream to order. So it’s as fresh as possible. No one likes old stuff.

  • We train and follow up with consistent visits to ensure your success. Making you look good!

  • We can also create unique and custom flavors just for you and your customer happiness. Hmm Avocado chip anyone?… Yes just for meeee!

  • We use only the best and natural ingredients that we can get our hands on. No hormones, here. Moodiness comes in the absence of ice cream!

These are some of the our current wholesale locations. Just in case you’re wondering if this is too good to be true.